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Philosophy 101 : Morality

April 18, 2020We all live with some sense of what is good or bad, some feelings about which ways of conducting ourselves are better or worse. But what is the status of these moral beliefs, senses, or feelings? Should we think of them as reflecting hard, objective facts about our world, of the sort that scientists could uncover and study? Or should we think of moral judgements as mere expressions of personal or cultural preferences?Read more →

Philosophy 101 : Introduction 🦄

April 12, 2020What is philosophy? What are its characteristic aims and methods? How does it differ from other subjects? I have been trying to dig deeper into philosophy as a subject for a while now albeit quite sporadically. I think its time to do it properly.Read more →

From a React app to native apps for customers

September 20, 2019I tranformed a React PWA with customer specific customizations into a native mobile app. Lets have a look at how it was built and advantages of it.Read more →
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